Text Box: 3D CFD Simulation of VAWT with FSI Analysis

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3D CFD Simulation of a VAWT with FSI

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) are a wind turbine where the main rotor shaft is vertical. A VAWT delivers clean electricity directly to the owner. Moreover, excess electricity can be fed into the local power grid.


The ADINA FEA / CFD / FSI capability is being used to perform accurate 3D aerodynamic and structural analysis on these products. The full power of the ADINA Structural and ADINA CFD programs are being used to run these fully automatic 2 way FSI analyses.


Here we show some results from the 3D CFD simulation of a VAWT. The analysis includes a fully automatic, 2 way coupled FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) situation.. The fully automatic 2 way FSI runs also ensure reliable and accurate results.


ADINA is being used to:

a) analyse the airflow around the blades, main shaft and other components

b) analyse Stress distributions in the components

c) obtain Torque figures at various wind loads

d) analyse for local topography effects





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