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It is clear from the wide scope of the ADINA System that we can offer the broadest possible range of Consultancy services in the areas of† FEA, CFD, Heat Transfer, Field problems and Multiphysics analysis.


This can range from a simple, single component, linear static analysis to the most complex Multiphysics Thermal-Fluid-Structure-Interaction.


For customers looking to perform Multiphysics analysis the integrated nature of the ADINA System allows us to provide assurances on two fronts:

 Quality and Reliability: the Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI)† is one program. This ensures that the integrity of the data transfer (from Structural to CFD and CFD to Structural) is not compromised. Since the FSI is one program, Interface files (and all of the detrimental effects they cause on Quality & Reliability) are not used.

 Rapid Delivery times: Since the ADINA System uses a common modeling Preprocessor for all of the solvers we are able to achieve very high levels of Economies of Scale. From the customerís viewpoint this means much shorter lead times and hence, lower costs.


We offer a complete range of Training services in the areas of FEA, CFD, Heat Transfer, Field problems and Multiphysics analysis.


As well as having set (on-site if required) Training sessions (primarily for ADINA users) we also provide customised Training sessions for those people who have more specific requirements.

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