ADINA FEA provides a wide range of analysis capabilities for modeling dynamic effects (e.g., due to earthquakes) in structural and geotechnical problems by use of direct time integration, mode superposition, random vibration, response spectrum, modal analysis, dynamic substructuring, etc.


ADINA FEA also offers a porous media formulation for modeling the effect of pore water pressure on the time-dependent response of soils. This capability can be combined with the soil plasticity material models (e.g,. Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager) to study the response of soil structures.


The effect of dam-reservoir interactions and also fluid-structure interactions in storage tanks subjected to earthquakes can be effectively modeled using ADINA FEA. The potential based fluid element in ADINA provides an efficient tool for modeling the fluid in this class of problems.


Some applications of ADINA FEA in structural and geotechnical engineering include the analyses of buildings, bridges, cooling towers, silos, stadiums, concrete dams, tunnels, masonry structures, earth dams, and slope stability.

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The roof model considered is the wide-span steel structure shown above left. The circular dome shown in the middle has a diameter of 80 m and is 16 m high. The dome is supported at its rim by transitional trusses that connect to the surrounding structure. The small circled zone (in diagram above left) on the rim of the dome shows the area of interest for which laboratory test results were obtained.


The ADINA FEA model is shown left.


The behaviour of the structure under load was simulated and compared with experimental results. Figure below left shows the deformations and effective stress calculated using ADINA. The study team reported that the simulation results and the experimental results are in good agreement.


Figure below shows the ADINA Failure analysis

ADINA is used worldwide for complex FEA. The Southwest Jiaotong University conducted an FE analysis under contract to study the structural integrity of the roof of a large railway station at Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, in China.

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