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The ADINA Thermal program is used for the solution of heat transfer problems in solids and structures. It has powerful features such as radiation between surfaces of arbitrary geometries, element birth-death options and capabilities for highly nonlinear material behaviour.

Temperature field of turbine casing

Temperature field of turbine casing, convection boundary conditions.

A unique capability of ADINA Thermal is the analysis of radiation between surfaces. The surfaces can have arbitrary geometries, can be arbitrarily obstructed and radiate upon themselves.

The bottle in this figure was analyzed using this radiation capability

Welding-induced residual stress analysis requires a reliable nonlinear analysis system with specialized modeling techniques. ADINA Thermal and ADINA Structures are used successfully in welding analysis.


Thermal analysis for SAW (Submerged Arc Welding), multipass butt weldment. The finite element calculation was performed using the birth/death options of the elements, with material properties highly dependent on temperature. The solution was obtained using 3 restart runs and 1,500 time steps.

Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS)

Capabilities of ADINA Thermal include:

Basic assumptions used in modelling thermal analysis:

 Steady state


 Thermal Eigenvalues

 1-D, 2-D and 3-D conduction

 Shell conduction

 2-D and 3-D convection

 2-D and 3-D radiation

 Radiosity (2-D and 3-D)

 Radiation between arbitrary surfaces

 Full & Comprehensive Thermal Mechanical Coupling with ADINA Structures

 Electrostatic, seepage and piezo-electric analysis

 Latent heat effects, e.g., freezing and melting conditions

 Other Field problems


Material models:


- Constant

- Orthotropic

- Temperature dependent

- Time dependent


- Constant

- Condensation

- Temperature dependent

- Time dependent


- Constant

- Temperature dependent


 User Coded

Boundary conditions available:

 Internal heat generation

 Latent heat

 Distributed / concentrated thermal loads



 Current density

 Electrical potential

 User coded



 Constraint equations

 Rigid links

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