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The ADINA Modeller (ADINA-M) is an add-on module to the ADINA User Interface program that provides solid modelling capabilities. With ADINA-M, solid geometry can be created directly in the ADINA User Interface program by creating ADINA-M solid primitives (e.g., blocks, cylinders, etc.) and using the ADINA-M tools to construct more complex solid geometry. IGES files can also be imported through ADINA-M, where IGES surfaces can be "sewn" to form solid bodies.


ADINA-M is based on the Parasolid kernel which is also used by other popular CAD systems such as NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, and Bentley Systems. Solid geometries from these and other Parasolid-based CAD systems can be directly imported through ADINA-M into the ADINA User Interface. The imported Parasolid parts can be modified inside the ADINA User Interface using the tools in ADINA-M.


The figures below show parts created in a CAD program, imported into the ADINA User Interface program with ADINA-M, and meshed using the automatic free meshing capability in the ADINA User Interface.

By licensing the ADINA-M module, many features, including the following features will be available in the ADINA User Interface (AUI):

ADINA-M Feature


Import Parasolid Model

Import a Parasolid model file created by other Parasolid-based CAD programs.

Define Body

Define ADINA-M solid primitives, sheet bodies (trimmed surfaces), and transformed bodies.

Body Sweep

Create a solid body by sweeping the face of an existing body in a given direction or along a line.

Body Revolve

Create a solid body by revolving the face of an existing body about an axis.

Define Section Sheet

Define a planar section sheet that can be used to cut a body into two or more bodies.

Boolean Operator

Modify a body by merging, intersecting, or subtracting operations with other bodies.

Body Modifier

Modify a body through blending (filleting), chamfering, sectioning, hollowing, or partitioning operations.

Body Defeature

Remove small features (faces) from a body.


Midsurface Extraction

Create sheet bodies from a thin-walled solid body.


Split an edge or face of a body into two parts.


The screen shot below shows the ADINA-M options mentioned in the table in the AUI environment.
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