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Multiphysics problems are encountered when the response of a system is affected by the interaction between several distinct physical fields (e.g., structural deformation, fluid flow, electric field, temperature, pore-pressure, etc).


Many problems in engineering and science involve some level of coupling between different physical fields. In the past, due to the lack of computational capabilities, these coupling effects were either ignored or taken into account very approximately. However, with the current analysis capabilities available in ADINA, many important multiphysics coupling effects can be included accurately.


By including these coupling effects, the analyses provide deeper insight into the performance of designs, leading to more economical and safer products, and also to a better understanding of the causes and consequences of natural phenomena.

Schematic of Multiphysics Capabilities of ADINA

Mathematically, multiphysics problems are described by a set of coupled partial differential equations (PDEs). The solution of these equations poses a challenge regarding the robustness of the algorithms to handle such interactions in a general and efficient manner.


The ADINA Multiphysics package includes all ADINA solvers for solids and structures, heat transfer, CFD, and also a comprehensive array of multiphysics capabilities tightly integrated in one program:

 Fluid-structure interaction (FSI)

 Thermo-mechanical coupling (TMC)

 Structural-pore pressure coupling (porous media)

 Thermal-fluid-structural coupling

 Electric field-structural coupling (piezoelectric)

 Thermal-electrical coupling (Joule heating)

 Acoustic fluid-structural coupling

 Fluid flow-mass transfer coupling


The multiphysics capabilities of ADINA are unique both in their breadth and depth. Using these capabilities, not only a wide range of interactions between different physical fields can be considered, but each of these fields is treated in a general form without compromise on accuracy.

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